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The product is just a great idea and is of great quality. And I’m extremely happy with it and recommend it to everyone.

Agogie Pants (40)

These pants are pretty awesome! I use them on leg day each week! They are also great for hikes and anything you can think of to add that extra strength training. I have the 40’s but I would be highly interested in receiving some 60’s if they are ever made?! I honestly wouldn’t even waste my time with the 20’s. I wish the 40’s were stronger as it is. I have been considering getting a smaller pair to increase the resistance but I’m not sure how great they would fit.

I love my pants

I love pants. The challenge is finding the correct size.

AGOGIE Women's +20 Resistance Pants

So Lightweight

I could feel the +40, but I really don’t feel the resistance in the +20 which is great for daily wear.

super cool and really comfy

I love these pants. They are really comfortable and love that just walking around I'm getting a little extra workout!

I really enjoy my Aggie, just wish you had more colors.

Thanks! We have 3 new colors in Maroon, Silver, and Royal Blue. Which colors would you want in the future?

Buying experience

Smooth east and affordable. Works great and as intended.

Make me a Brand Ambassador!!!

As a professional truck driver, I do more sitting than the average individual. I ordered the pants to provide leg compression, improve circulation, and also to benefit me as I maneuver in and out of my truck. My legs feel so much better when I’m wearing the pants and there’s a noticeable difference when I’m not. I would love to pitch the idea to fellow drivers… make me an Ambassador… AGOGIE life for Truckers💜

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Veronica Tucker

Loved it felt like I could relax waiting for my package

Great Pants

Awesome pants they do exactly as advertised, will be purchasing the next level of resistance soon 😊

Agogie Pants

The pants are great!

Not gonna kill ya but help ya

The first day I don’t think I had pulled them enough to stretch but the second day I did. The resistance is just enough to feel it but not enough to “work out” but definitely adds a nice feel to your workouts.

I did receive them and I've worked out in them at this time I can't really pinpoint what I'm getting from them I feel that their more supportive than regular workout pants and maybe I sweat more but I'm pleased

Women’s +20 Resistance pants

I absolutely love these pants. Not only do you get a great workout but they are comfortable to wear all day. I love the look and the feel of these pants. I just ordered the Women’s +40…can’t wait to try them out.

Love these pants! I'm so happy that I bought them, I will be ordering the 40 weight pants for more resistance.

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Marian Schambow
Great pants

I ordered a large petite, I was having trouble keeping the sock part from sliding out of my shoe and when the heel stitching moved it hurt my heels. Now I put those foam shoe supports on my heels and pull the pant sock over that and put on a pair of socks to keep them in place. I love the resistance when I'm walking.

toning the legs and core area.

I love them for my every day 4mile walks

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
Comfort and Fashion


Women's Petite +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
Vanessa Kutz
Love, love, love!!!!!

I love my Agogie resistance pants! I got the 20+ so I could wear them all day to burn more calories. I also use them in my classes at the gym. I can definitely tell that I am burning more calories but I am still able to do all the moves. I can’t wait to order a pair of the 40+.

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
LaTanya Brown

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves

Great to know you're protected

I am overjoyed with my purchase and equally as happy about the shipping protection. When you make a purchase, large or small, it's nice to not have to worry about if it gets lost or stolen.

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
Karen Nolte

This is my third pair of agogie pants..loving the colors. My other 2 are black. Where them to walk all the time!

Love these pants!

I love these pants! I purchased the 40 and wear them while doing housework and on my walks! It’s so good to be able to get added benefits from my everyday activities. I highly recommend these pants! 💖

Love these. The fit is spot on. The tension feels appropriate, without feeling like they are restrictive. The only thing-I wish they had a pocket to hold my ID