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"Like getting a workout without even trying!" -Mary G.

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Kobie Bryant's Mamba Sports Academy

"AGOGIE helped our guys prepare for the NFL Combine."

U of Kentucky Track & Field

"They are simple to use and they get results.



Introducing the AGOGIE Resistance Pants. With resistance bands built inside, improving your health, fitness, and athletic performance is as simple as putting on pants.

They have resistance bands built inside.  

We didn't invent resistance bands, we just put them in pants. The result is a product that will change the way you move, train, and perform.

They force your muscles
to get stronger.

AGOGIE forces your muscles to constantly work to keep the built-in resistance bands stretched out. With your muscles activated and ready to perform, you are challenged by a wearable resistance workout.

They make fitness simple, practical, and efficient.

Life is hectic. Finding time to workout shouldn't be. With AGOGIE, now you can transform any activity into a resistance workout. At work, in your home, or on the go.

Trusted by top athletes.
Worn by moms, husbands,
& future pro athletes.

Trusted by top athletes.
Worn by moms, husbands,
& future pro athletes.