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Resistance pants

Today is my first time wearing the resistance pants. They actually make My legs feel good!!
Which is a plus.

Wearable workout 2

This is my second pair and I really like the feel of resistance with every step, I have not had them long enough to see results yet but I feel like they work like they are supposed to.

Wearable workout!

I wore them to work under scrubs and felt a little resistance in every step! I love them!


Best product ever! Well made and you feel the burn.

very pleased

Wearing men's +20 to gym 5 days a week. Noticed a difference during 1st warmup session and after 2 hours of pickleball. Exhausted but elated. 75 Yeats old

Women's +20 Resistance Pants

Loving my pants!

I'm a very active individual and have worn my pants for all the variety of things I do, including flown in them for the aerial acrobatics I coach. I enjoy the extra resistance and weight the pants offer and can tell I'm building strength.


The pants are so comfy and they give you a workout no matter what you are doing!


These pants are not only comfortable, but you can feel them working and making your legs toned and tightened

Great pants

Feel great for any activity


If you want a challenge without even trying you need these pants.

mens 40 pants

good workout pants, good quality

A Cheat Code...

I highly recommend these pants for anyone who is active and still has mobility. As a Paramedic I work 24hr shifts am always moving and bending over and wearing the pants for work can get a workout without having to do much movement. As a martial artist and sports fan I wear the 40+ during workouts for added resistance. Any personal trainer it any person who still had mobility would benefit from these...

Great pants

Awesome and comfy and makes leg workouts more challenging

These things rock

I wear em to work, i wear em when i clean, they rock

great to wear during a workout or even lounging on the couch on a lazy saturday

comfortable, fits well, nice addition during workouts (particularly when legs are involved), also good to just lounge around in

The bomb

I really love these pants and plan on buying the +40 when I get some money bc they are pricey! Will not regret purchasing bc it does what it says!

When the tough worksouts come your way

The Agogie get going.

Watch outt! They actually work!

Don't underestimate these pants. They feel like normal yoga pants so you don't notice that is working until you feel the soreness the next day.

Awesome for a relaxed workout for the Busy persons!

Men's +40 Resistance Pants

Men's +20 Resistance Pants

Please with the product

Still wearring them on every work out I will keep
You posted on the results ..

Great product

I use your product for every workout and it’s been the best workout addition I’ve ever had. Thanks a million.

LOVE these resistance pants!

You do feel like you're getting more of a work out wearing these pants. After a few days I really noticed the difference. I'm a size 6-8 and the small fit well. Just hope they last for a long time!

Men's +40 Resistance Pants

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