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Women's +40 Resistance Black Pants
Maria Elena Regullano
lost weight

This is my fourth order and the last was for my husband.
With my previous 40 R pants, I have already lost 4 lbs (swinging from 2-4 lbs weight loss. I gain if I eat icecream) but otherwise my diet and activity level is the same.
Hope my husband loses weight too.

Love these pants

These have helped me turn my morning walks into a workout. I will be getting the 40's soon. Plus, they look cute


I ordered these pants to help me with walking after my stroke. They have not disappointed me. I’m going to purchase another pair so I can wear them more often!

Love these pants!

These pants are great, they take a typical workout and makes it one step more difficult. I’ve never before been much for leg exercises but the Agogie pants makes it fun

Love them

Great workout!!!

I really wasn’t sure if I would see the difference in my workouts but I certainly did!!

Men's +40 Resistance Black Pants

Awesome Product

We switched and got the 40’s for my son who is an Hs athlete and they are really doing the job he loves them

Men’s +20 Resistance Black Pants

The pants were amazing. I am a youtube basketball player, and I wore them in one of my videos secretly without anyone noticing and the turnout was great. They felt awesome, they were very breathable and comfortable. This is a great product and I will continue to use this in future videos. The +40 resistance Black Pants video coming soon on my youtube channel (dannynotdaniel). Thank You! Keep up the good work you guys.

Agogie Life!!!

I love them.. they’re great!

Great Product

I absolutely love these pants, they work wonderfully!!!

Men's +40 Resistance Black Pants

Great Pants!

These pants are fantastic!

Love these leggings

I already have the 20lb that I wear while walking the dog. Since I usually do not have time to strength train I got the 40lb to wear while I am standing all day. I felt it by the end of 6 hours.

Agogie review

Agogie +40 resistance pants were very interesting to wear. I got a good workout from just jogging two laps and doing drills

Men's +40 Resistance Black Pants

Petite Women's +20 Resistance Black Pants

Awesome Pants

Loving my resistance pants. Take working out to a new level.

Great pants

I first ordered the women's 20 resistant pants which I use for walking and light workouts. I went up to the 40 to get more resistant when bike riding and more intense workouts. Highly recommend these workout pants to go with your excercise routine..4 stars given because I had to settled for another black pair..wanted red..


The 100+ dollars best spend of the year. True, they're not affordable but they worth every single penny, so if you're hesitating, skip your desserts or treats of the week or the month and get them! You won't regret!

Subtle, until they aren't

I walk over 3 miles several times a week. I wore my 20s for the first time and the walk was great. I felt the tension in my last quarter mile. Definitely could feel the soreness hours later. Very pleased.

Love the Agogie pants

I’m looking forward to ordering more Agogie products they really work

Women's +40 Resistance Black Pants

Great Buy!!

Great pair of Resistance pants and the fit was perfect!

Way better fit!

I have an old pair of Agogie pants from the early days (when there were no petites and the sock bottom was a stirrup) and they were never quite the right fit. The length and resistance on the new petites is a way better fit!