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Women's Petite +20 Resistance Black Pants

Excellent service - meets expectations

Had to exchange S for M. Exchange was simple and fast delivery, I have muscle disorder and osteoporosis with weakness on right side. Wore 20’s all day twice while doing chores and running errands . Thought very effective in my strength and stability while wearing. Ordered another pair of 20 and one of 40 to try. Hoping continued wearing helps leg weakness, balance and osteoporosis numbers. Only been having for less than a month and I’m happy. Price appears reasonable considering stitching and quality of pants. Think they will pay for themselves if helps with physical issues. Will see


I really feel a difference working out in my Agogie leggings whether walking or riding my exercise bike. I plan to purchase another pair to alternate. I am hoping to reverse my osteopenia test results!

These are great pants!

I got the package mid-day and put these pants on to try them out. Wore them to my martial arts class & told everyone about them (sent the link to the store to 4 people later in the evening).
These are super comfortable and look good. The resistance factor is noticeable but not much. I ordered the +40 the same night.

These things are awesome

Literally one of the best pieces of workout apparel/equipment I've ever owned

Resistance pants

Love them…such a great way to strengthen while doing housework and nice enough to wear while doing errands! Fast service and great product!

Men's +20 Resistance Black-Pants
Christopher Eckstein
Very good

I have run a couple of times and after my third day I could feel it in my calf they are doin the job good pants

Agogie pants

I am a 69 year old ranch woman and these +20 pants are really helping me feel better w/the lower back pain etc. I love them. I think I need the +40's.

Love them!!!!!

Very, very pleased with my purchase!

I like the resistance pants for walking.

I love them. They have definitely helped ease both my sciatica pain and my knee pain. I’ve been wearing them six to eight hours every day.


I do a lot of walking and I can feel the difference in my legs.

Women's +20 Resistance Black Pants

reduced pain!!!

I find that I can now get up and down easily after a week. The pain is very minimal. I do agree with another review that these pants tend to run up your size one notch. I am 5ft 7in 40 inch hips and a large fits perfectly! The 40+ resistance is the best. I ordered 2 pairs.

I think there great


The pants are way better than I expected. They add an extra element to my workouts and I’m seeing immediate results. I have already convinced 4 people to try them out!

Love them😀

Recommend it to friends helped me with severe arthritis of the spine which ends in my left side and leg great find 😃

Exactly as advertised!

So glad I got these pants and just order a +40 for workouts! I’m 5’5” and 180 lbs. ordered a Large. Fit just right! Take the dive people. Get these pants.

Awesome Workout Pants

These pants are great, I wore them for a week while doing a lot of task, boy did it feel like I was on a treadmill after I took them off. Just bought one for my sister, we are walkers and told her how they make my legs and buttocks feel😊tight!

The BEST things EVER!!!

I have 2 pairs of the 20s and 1 pair of the 40s!!!! Awesome sauce!!! They really work!!!! Will make perfect gifts!!!

Incredible Resistence!

These pants were perfect for our soccer goalkeepers and pro UFC fighters. A workout within the workout! You can’t beat that!

Very happy with the pants

Love my pants

I’m 5 feet 7 inches and I ordered a size large I weigh 160 lbs. The size was perfect and I can already see an improvement in losing inches and toner thighs. Excellent product and would highly recommend them to purchase!!! They get 10 stars ⭐️ from me!!!

Great workout!

I’m a 67 year old woman who walks at least 3 miles a day. My regular route through the woods is very hilly. I’ve been walking this way for two years and these pant can make my legs feel that they’re being worked out again! Great workout!!

Customer CARE

The product I purchased may be too long for me because I have to really do a lot of "extra" and unnatural movement to feel any difference and I am not currently in shape, and don't wear petite clothing, so it should be easier to feel the effects of wearing them. I was really excited about these pants. Either I needed petite pants, or I'm stronger than I think and needed to order the 40+. The Agogie team, however, is exceptional. They are amazing and go above and beyond to ensure the ideal customer care experience for the buyer. I really appreciate them.