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AGOGIE will challenge you to push yourself further. To move with purpose. To grow. To openly accept adversity and triumph.


Resistance. Not Restriction.

8 resistance bands stitched inside add constant tension to every movement, quickly warming your muscles and challenging you in new ways.


AGOGIE strengthens your stabilizer muscles needed to support your primary muscles.


AGOGIE engages your core, back, and hip flexors to keep you balanced.


Increase muscle activation and blood flow to get your body moving past stiffness and soreness.

That next day soreness you love to hate.

AGOGIE works all of the invisible areas that are hard to target. The constant resistance finds your weak areas and forces them to become stronger.

Muscle Activation

With the pants on, you are constantly working to keep the resistance bands stretched out. After 5-10 minutes, your leg muscles will begin to warm and your core body temperature will rise.

Core, Back & Hip Flexors

Everything is connected. All the stabilizer muscles above the waist have to support the muscles under constant resistance below the waist.

Before & After

Once you have the pants on, the resistance feels like it goes away. Don’t be fooled, it hasn’t gone anywhere! Once you take them off, you will feel lighter on your feet and even sometimes springy.

Resistance bands + pants

A complex combination of science and comfort in a product so simple to use that you might forget it’s there.


Tie the waistband to anchor the resistance at your hips. The stirrups anchor the pants below the heel and stretch out the resistance bands.


The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric allows the resistance bands to stretch out and comfortably move with your body.


(8) 100% natural rubber resistance bands are stitched inside each pair of pants. The amount of resistance is determined by the thickness of the rubber resistance bands.

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