Tralyne Usry - Living with MS and Wearing AGOGIE

My AGOGIE resistance pants are so much more than a pair of pants. They are a way back to me!

I realize that may sound like an exaggeration, but it isn’t. I’ll explain…

I used to be a teacher, and I loved teaching. Then, in 2018, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I had symptoms in years past, but they always went away after a couple of weeks. In 2018, they came to stay.

The disease rapidly progressed, and I was forced to stop teaching. Eventually, I couldn’t walk. As part of my treatment plan, I started going to physical therapy, and I saw a lot of improvement. After a year of physical therapy, I “graduated,” and my therapist sent me home with exercises to do on my own.

But I will confess – I was not consistent with my at-home exercises. They felt monotonous, and I struggled to find the time and motivation to do them. But I had one thing that kept me going – I wanted to walk again. I missed my independence and my freedom. So, I turned to the internet and started researching, looking for anything that could help me.

"That first time I took the AGOGIE pants off, my legs felt normal. For the first time in years, they felt how they did before I was diagnosed."


I can’t even explain how incredible it was to feel that little bit of normalcy again. It had been such a fight, a battle, and a struggle to feel like me. And then these pants gave me a eureka moment of encouragement!

The physical benefits have been amazing. My gait was really off from the MS, and I saw improvement in my balance after only days of wearing the pants – a kind of progress I never saw in physical therapy. I used to be very dependent on a walker or cane to walk, and now I can walk on my own with no assistance further than ever before.

But it’s the mental and emotional benefits that have been the most incredible. I’m getting back to my freedom, my independence. I’m starting to feel like me again. And most importantly, I’m inspired to keep going.

If you or anyone you know has MS, get these pants. They will change your life. They will help with rehab. They will help with the misery of not being able to walk or balance. And they will help you feel like you again.

As they’ve helped me feel like me again.

-Tralyne Usry, AGOGIAN

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