AGOGIE is the simplest
way to add resistance
to your training.

Resistance with every step.

Maximize every workout. Activate you more muscles. Feel the constant tension adding resistance to your every movement.

Resistance with every rep.

The future of performance in here. Sharpen your ball skills while training under full resistance.

Breathable in all the right spots.

Challenge your cardio and fitness.

Activate your leg muscles quicker.

Strengthen in a whole new way.

Trusted by the Best to get results.

$129 USD

From the weight room to the field - Agogie pushes you.

$129 USD



With 8 resistance bands built inside, AGOGIE adds constant tension to all the ways your move. Use the +20 resistance level for endurance training. Use the +40 resistance level for developing explosive movements.

Strengthen secondary muscles & supportive tissues while working on your craft. AGOGIE challenges you while helping reenforce proper sprint mechanics so you can sustain your speed and power.

All day comfort.

We have combined breathable athletic tights with resistance bands to create a product that will reshape your training and performance.

Results you can feel.

AGOGIE adds constant tension to your every movement. Strengthen & support natural movements. Improve explosiveness & overall endurance.

Strengthen and support your natural movements.

$129 USD

Get faster, stronger, and more explosive.

$129 USD

Get the right fit no magtter what.

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