I'm 63 years old, and I walk five miles a day, five days a week, in my Agogie pants. I love them and have recommended them to everyone I know, whether they work out or not.

I first started exercising about ten years ago to lose the weight I had put on due to a heart medication I (thankfully!) no longer need to take. Today, my physical activity goals are very different. 

In 2012, I was in a car accident that left me with several broken bones and two rods inserted into my hip. Not long after finishing physical therapy for my injuries, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Doctors put me on Fosamax and told me an increase in my bone density was unlikely. Instead, the goal was to prevent it from getting worse. 

It was then that my motivation to keep walking and exercising shifted from maintaining my weight to keeping my bones healthy and any pain at bay. 

In early 2020, I was doing stuff around the house with the TV on in the background. A physician was speaking on the local news, and I wasn't paying attention until I heard him say that resistance bands were sewn into the pants. He was talking about Agogie, of course, and that simple statement immediately piqued my interest. 

I was very familiar with resistance bands from physical therapy after the car accident. I knew firsthand how well they worked to build strength. After quite a bit of research and even some calls to Agogie with questions, I decided to buy the pants. 

When I first got them, they felt a little heavy, and I was a bit concerned they would be too much for my legs. I was wrong! Not only was I able to walk my usual five miles in them, but my legs felt more supported, and I experienced less pain in my knees and hips while walking. My legs felt energized throughout the walk, and even for the rest of the day! I was immediately sold.

I now walk in them regularly, and the benefits just keep coming. First, I started to feel stronger and more energized. Then, I noticed my legs looking more tone. And just recently, I got another bone density scan, and my bone density has increased! The doctors can't confirm the reason, but I just know it's from walking in the resistance band pants. 

I am a stronger, healthier, more energized woman thanks to my Agogie Resistance Band pants. I recommend them to absolutely everyone. Just get them. Trust me; they're worth it. 

- Patricia, AGOGIAN