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Resistance Band Sportswear

Resistance Band Pants

Engage your muscles from hips to ankles with AGOGIE Resistance Band Leggings.


Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves

Activate your bicep, triceps and forearm with the AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeve.


Resistance Band Shirt

Activate your neck, shoulders, upper and mid-back, and pecs with the AGOGIE Resistance Band Shirt.


Amplify every workout.

AGOGIE allows you to move freely
with no restrictions of movement.

Maximize Muscle Engagement.

Amplify every movement for enhanced strength, endurance and flexibility.

Enhance performance levels.

Proven to increase your speed,
agility, and athletic performance.

Endorsed by Fitness Enthusiasts Everywhere.

AGOGIE's Resistance Band Pants, Elbow Sleeves, and Shirt look like regular activewear but feature integrated resistance bands that mimic the body's muscles and ligaments to enhance every movement. Comfortable, breathable, and machine washable, these products are trusted by people from all walks of life, from casual fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes.

Our product is designed to help you:

✓ Burn More Calories and Fat
✓ Increase Muscle Activation
✓ Improve Strength, Balance, and Mobility

PNOĒ VO2 Max Testing


Increase caloric burn by 105%

Caloric-Burn Efficiency Test:

This metric shows how effective your body is in burning calories during movement. The higher the score, the more calories you burn when moving and the easier it gets to lose weight.


Increased muscle activation by 87.5%

Muscle Composition Test:

This metric shows the breakdown between Type I & II muscle fibers in your body. The higher the Type II percentage, the easier it is to lose weight.


Increase Fat burn at rest by 233.33%

Respiratory Exchange Ratio Test:

Resting RER (Respiratory Exchange Ratio) gives the contribution (%) of fats and carbohydrates in the calories you burn at rest.

Legal disclaimer: Our entity maintains no affiliation, association, or endorsement with PNOĒ in any capacity. The information provided herein, including all data, findings, and analysis related to the performance improvements attributed to the use of AGOGIE Resistance Band Pants, is presented for informational purposes only. It is based on controlled tests conducted using the PNOE VO2 Max machine. While these tests were carried out under strictly monitored conditions to ensure accuracy and reliability, it is important to acknowledge that individual results may vary. Variations in outcomes can result from a myriad of factors including, but not limited to, individual physiological differences, adherence to the testing protocol, external environmental conditions, and the presence of pre-existing health conditions