AGOGIAN Elite Club

Get 35% Off For Life.

$69 Initial Fee, $1.00 each additional year.

Elite Club Benefits.

► 35% off all future purchases.

► First access to new products.

► First access to pre-orders.

► AGOGIE Elite Club T-Shirt.

► Input on new colors.

► Bonus percentage off any other subscriptions.

Why Join The Elite Club?

Exclusive - only available to the first 1,000 people/families who sign up.

► Pays for itself in 1 additional purchase.

► Once registration closes, no additional elite members will be added.

► Membership includes automatic sign-up for our loyalty program.

► Bonus 500 AGOGIE Loyalty Coins

Elite Club Rules.

► Limited to 1 membership per household/address.

► All memberships require Name, Phone Number, Email address and Address.

► 1 product review per year.

► Do not abuse discount code.

► Purchasing items for resale is prohibited.