AGOGIE Resistance Pants combine resistance bands with comfortable athletic pants to create a product unlike any other.

Glutes & Hamstrings

The back (2) resistance channels run from the glutes, down the hamstrings, and to the ankle.

Hip Flexors

The front (2) resistance channels attach at the hip flexors and run down the quads, around the knee, and to the ankle.

Patella Tracking  

The front (2) resistance channels surround the knee to prevent any restrictions of mobility while also assisting in patella tracking.

Ankle & Achilles  

The resistance bands stop above the achilles tendon. Half-sock footie anchors the pants below the foot, stretching the resistance bands out.

All-day comfort.
Results you can feel.

Designed for Comfort

The AGOGIE Resistance Pants anchor comfortable under your heel and stretch out the resistance-bands inside the pants.

Resistance bands built inside.

The AGOGIE Resistance Pants have the same resistance bands that are used in the gym or rehab facility.

Designed to move with you.

The AGOGIE Resistance Pants stretch with you. The waist band is secures the resistance at your hips the footie anchors below your foot.

8 Resistance Bands Built Inside

AGOGIE moves with you and provides resistance and intensity to every movement.