Brand Story


Our Story

From the professional athlete and fitness enthusiast to the man in physical therapy and the working mom struggling to find time to exercise, there are no limits to the lives these pants can change.

At AGOGIE, we want to be part of whatever brings out the best in people, no matter what form that “best” takes. Maybe it’s physical fitness, overall health, time management, recovery, athletic performance, or simply the ability to stay active.

We believe a person’s best never resides on the outside, but rather it lives on the inside. It is the part of them that can’t settle. The voice in their head that refuses to quit no matter how tough things get.

At AGOGIE, we call that the inner warrior, and that’s why our logo resembles the Spartan shield, armor carried by ancient Greece’s most feared and respected warriors. We are on a mission to empower the inner warrior in all our customers.

Joining the resistance is more than owning resistance apparel. It is a commitment to overcome
obstacles, resist limitations, and become stronger in body and mind.