November 19, 2021 | Cynthia McVey, Women's World Magaize

These Special Pants Helped Reverse One Woman’s Osteoporosis

“Who would have thought a pair of pants could actually reverse osteoporosis?"

After a density scan showed severe bone loss, Donna Schofield searched for ways to strengthen her bones… and was astonished when resistance band pants not only helped but actually reversed her condition!

“You have osteoporosis,” the doctor told Donna Schofield over the phone. What? No! the Cohoes, New York, 68-year-old gasped in shock. While she had let her bone density scans lapse a little, at her last scan, Donna had been told she had the bones of a 30-year-old — and felt confident nothing had changed. After all, she did Zumba regularly and never had an ache or pain. She’d been so sure her doctor had been calling to tell her everything was fine.

Listening as he suggested she start taking medication, Donna grew afraid, worried about the potential side effects. “I don’t want to go on medication right away,” she told him, saying she’d heard that resistance training could build bone density and strength.

“It might help,” he acknowledged.

“A little strength training goes a long way when it comes to bone health”

—Susan Brown, Ph.D.

Hopeful, along with regular Zumba classes, Donna started using the weight machines at the gym and doing some core exercises. But then her gym closed during the pandemic. She was able to keep up with Zumba on video at home, but she knew that wasn’t enough — it hadn’t kept her from developing osteoporosis in the first place.

There must be something else I can do, Donna thought. Not long after, on Facebook, she saw an ad for pants that have resistance bands built right in, so they increase the intensity of each movement. Maybe these could help me, she mused, and decided to check them out online.