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I bought 2 pair. One pair for my BFF and one pair for myself. Unfortunately, I had to return both pairs because we needed smaller sizes. Agogie sent me one of pair of resistance pants and refunded me for the other pair. So I personally didn’t get to try the resistance pants because I gave the pair to my bff. She said she would rate them an eight which higher than the rating scale of 5 provided by Agogie. Hopefully, I will get a chance to try the resistance pants.

Well worth the price

I own 5 pairs. I love them. Any time I had an issue customer service was fantastic. I recommend these to everyone who works out.

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Evie DeSadier
The AGOGIE Shipping Warranty is great!

I have been dealing with problems with another shipper and it is quite refreshing to know that AGOGIE is going above and beyond to ensure customers are notified of shipping, status and delivery. I am very happy with the service that I received as well as the product! Keep up the good work.

Great fit Fabulous look

My blue resistance has a great

Love these!

When I wear pants with patterns/textures to work, I wear my 20+ under. They feel great after a long shift. I usually choose stairs over elevator and the first day I wore my pants to work, I couldn't figure out why my legs felt like I was working out. I giggled to myself because I forgot I was wearing my 20+! They are so comfortable, I truly forgot I was wearing them! I love these so much, I bought my sis in law a pair for her birthday.

Excellent product!

I LOVE these pants! I workout everyday and used to bodybuild.
Since I have been working out with my Agogie pants, my legs look and feel more muscular and my glutes are definately tighter! I wear these everyday and will not workout again without my Agogies!!!!
These are worth every penny because I feel and look better!

Love these pants

I thought I had lost my mind days after making this expnsive purchase. However I am elated now that I have tried them on. Love exercising and just walking with them on. Resistance yet comfort has made me very happy. The 20 Resistance was the best for me but I will get the 40 soon.

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Debi Edwards


AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Kimberly Wright-Jones
Pleased with Agogie Shipping Warranty

I am thoroughly please with the shipping warranty provided by Agogie. With all of the porch pirate thefts happening, it's comforting to know Agogie goes the extra mile to ensure their product(s) are delivered to the customer.

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Jewel Payne

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty

Gifted to my brother

I bought my brother this pair of +40 in hopes he'd give enough feedback that I'd purchase for myself. He usually wears shorts every day, even in winter so I was slightly hesitant if he'd give them a try. He absolutely loves them. He has a home gym and used during a workout. He also wore them as he coached one of his teams. He said while wearing, he didn't feel the resistance too much, but when he took off the pants, he felt like he had leg days. He is considering having purchasing for his students he coaches! He feels these pants will help them in so many ways. Oh, he also mentioned he was having soreness with his hip and after wearing, he felt the resistance pants helped align him and relieved the discomfort he was feeling prior. I'm buying myself a pair now :)

AGOGIE Logo Shield - Unisex T-Shirt
Cordelia Ballard
I absolutely love it 😍

The feel and fit is soo comfortable.😍💯


They were a gift for someone

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Victoria Rivera

I love them

Great investment!

The Agogie +40 Women's Resistance Pants fit great and are very comfortable. I wear them out and about as I run my errands and around the house. I also wear them during my aerobic workout. They give me an extra boost during my workouts but are comfortable at the same time. Great investment!

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Resistance Pants

They were awesome about my return it was fast an simple

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Great pants

I love them, ordering more now

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Paul Vargas
Great fit & comfortable

My only wish for the 2nd generation or latest’s release is for the men’s have a fly hole in front for bathroom

Resistance pants

I really liked the pants I had to return an exchange them they run big but the process was simple and easy

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Sharon Washington

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty

Amazing pants!!!

I’m in love, love, love with my pants. I was able to do my PT exercises with my 20+ pants last weekend, I continued doing house chores and they were very comfortable and I felt like I was getting the work out I needed to strengthen my legs and glutes, what I did not realize is that the work out was much much more when I removed the pants and went to shower…oh boy did they do the job!!! My Lord, my legs and glutes felt like 2-3hrs at the gym and I can’t do that many hours or exercises. I will definitely continue to wear my pants and get more in different colors.
I also got the 40+ and just wore them the next day to run some errands, just by driving, I felt like I was working out my legs again.
Thank you for this amazing creation.

AGOGIE Women's +40 Resistance Pants

Love these

Wearing these has helped me a lot I hope the next gen are built with a front fly opening for the hydration situations all day !!!! 👀

AGOGIE Women's +40 Resistance Pants