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AGOGIE Women's +40 Resistance Pants

They do exactly what is advertised these are great I have the medium petite I’m 160 I put them on and get on my MaxiClimber Fitness for 20 minutes when I tell you have a full body workout

Love these pants!

These pants are exactly as described. I am 70, 5’4” 145# and got the 40# in a petite M and they fit perfectly! I can definitely tell the difference when I wear them (which has been daily since I got them). I ordered black but was sent blue. I decided to keep them and do love the color. They fit so well!!! I love the way they feel. I work out daily.


Very happy with my Agogie. I was very surprised when I received my Abobie, very happy to have them they fit perfectly, they are comfortable, and I look good wearing them.I love them I would like to order another pair, but pricing will prevent me from doing so, but I love the pants.

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Brenda Singletary
Love them!

Would recommend to everyone! Great when I do Yoga or walking. Feel the burn!

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Second Pair

I haven't gotten the chance to wear the new ones but I loved my previous pair, and look forward to getting another color

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Patricia Wright

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty

Good product

These pants do exactly what they say they can do as long as you do the work the resistance bands are great I paired up with my Mexi climber it’s a great total body workout

They fit really well

I wear them under my scrubs and they feel great, helping with circulation because I'm on my feet for most of my shift. I think I'm going to size down for my next pair.

Love it

Really never needed it, because I have always received my packages. It’s inexpensive and worth it!

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In love

Been wearing them for 10 days. I don’t work out because I had back surgery and still recovering. I wear these during the day and definitely feel like I did work out. Go buy yourself a pair. Can’t wait when I can workout and wear them!

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Men's +40 Resistance Pants
Terence Matthews

I made the right purchase!!

First time

I love them. I will purchase another pair.

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Pretty good!

I've only used them a few times but I think the extra resistance they do provide definitely will have an impact.


Awesome love the workout it give me

I purchased for my daughter and granddaughter, they love them as well as myself months ago I purchased for myself, I love them as well!!

5 stars

Bought 2 pairs at 40+

Will buy more when more resistance is added.

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Traci Sallenbach
Very nice pants

The yoga pants are very nice and unique. They fit well and are very comfortable. I am very happy with my purchase.


Currently, I am wearing braids. It is going to be about 2 weeks before I am able to wear it. So far, I love how it feels and the length. The bangs are kind of thick, I am going to thin them out.


I am 69 years old and cannot exercise due to several medical problems. My legs and thighs have always been a problem. Walking is my basic exercise as I cannot bend my knee for riding a bike. I put these on and and just as with the 20 resistance my knee pain was reduced. I have increased my walking from 3000 to 6000 steps or more I will say I need to limit wearing the 40's till I get used to them the first day I wore them I had them on for about 7 hours and by the time I took them off my legs and I were physically exhausted. I actually believe after 2 weeks of wearing these on most days that my thighs are actually a little smaller I actually say this because my jeans don't pull down anymore because of my heavy legs... I would love to update this in another month and see if it's true My vote give them a try

AGOGIE Women's +20 Resistance Pants