Men's +20 Resistance Pants

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Our resistance apparel has built-in resistance bands, which add a layer of in-line resistance over the natural muscle and ligament lines, creating an exoskeleton of resistance.

Think about it as adding gravity to every motion rather than adding weight. This helps build secondary support muscles while activating the core, lower back, and hip flexors, creating more power and speed.

AGOGIE Resistance Pants are great to increase your workouts to achieve ultimate muscle performance. Our resistance wearable equipment has built-in resistance bands, which add a layer of in-line resistance over the natural muscle and ligament lines, creating an exoskeleton of resistance. 

  • Maximize your day. Wear them while you run errands or do stuff around the house, and you’ll transform your everyday activities into a passive workout.
  • Maximize your workout. These pants will dial up the intensity of any exercise routine.
  • Maximize your performance. Training in AGOGIE means increased speed, agility, and athletic performance.

AGOGIE pants have eight resistance bands built-in, adding constant tension to every movement. Just wearing AGOGIE offers a convenient and comfortable way to:

  • Activate more muscles
  • Increase workout intensity
  • Burn more calories and fat
  • Improve strength, balance, and mobility

AGOGIE pants are unlike any other pants you’ve owned, and how they fit is key to reaping all their benefits. The unique design creates an exceptional fit, so you may wear a different size than you do in other athletic brands.

Before selecting your size, please check out our size chart or use the chat feature to talk to a customer representative to help you find the size that’s right for you.

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At AGOGIE, we want to make it easier for everyone to live healthier, active lives by wearing AGOGIE Resistance Apparel.

Our Story

Our journey to becoming the world's leading resistance apparel company started in a dark and dusty co-working space. Through resistance, we grew stronger.

Our Products

The combination of resistance bands and comfortable, performance fabric will have you sweating and getting stronger in a whole new way.

Our Brand

The AGOGIE logo is inspired by the shield carried by ancient Greece’s most feared and respected Spartan warriors.

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We love building strong relationships with businesses that are committed to helping their customers.


Resistance Built IN

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Eric Kelly

I feel the bands as I wear them. I have the 20lb resistance but should've gotten the 40lb pants.

Edward Phillips
Good first experience

While the fit well, they still are a little lose. But that is because of the way my body is - I have short legs with a extra long torso

Janise Porter
Very comfortable

I think I need the +40 because I don’t feel enough resistance but these pants are comfortable and they motivate me to work out more!

Letitia Narcisse
The BEST Pants EVER!!!

I purchased a pair of +20 Women a couple of months ago and fell totally in love with them. I just recently purchased +20 Men for my husband. He's out of state at the moment, but I know he's going to love them just as much as I do. My pants gives me energy and also helps in making my legs stronger because I can push myself to do more.
Awesome Purchase and Thank You!


I wore them a few times I liked them but I returned for the 40s. 20s weren't enough resistance for what I was looking for.