Meet the AGOGIE Resistance Pants.  

The simplest way to increase your training intensity.

+20 Resistance Pants


+40 Resistance Pants


Take your training to the next level.

"The pants were a great addition to my fight preparation."

Ladarius "Memphis" Miller trained with AGOGIE to build strength and stamina as he cut weight for an upcoming fight.

"When the 6th round came, I could really tell the difference in my legs and lungs."

Learn more about Ladarus on Instagram @ladarium_miller


They have resistance bands built inside.

With 8 resistance bands stitched inside, AGOGIE creates an exoskeleton of constant tension that challenges your every move.

They challenge every move you make.  

You are unique. So are the ways you move. AGOGIE supports your natural movement patterns without restricting range of motion. Be you, and get stronger doing it.

They make you better when they are off.

AGOGIE sticks with you. When it's time to perform, take them off and feel light, springy, and confident to let your skill take over. Train. Wash. Repeat.

Get more out of everything you do.

On the trail

In the gym

On the track

At practice