Wearable Resistance

You've Never Seen
Pants Like These

Transforming your health, fitness, & athletic
performance is now as simple as wearing pants.


All-day comfort.
Results you can feel.

Safely secure above hips

Use waistband and drawstring to keep pants secure above your hips. Don't worry, we designed them not to fall down!

Place below foot to activate resistance

Place your heel in the half-sock footie. Stand up to stretch out the resistance. This anchors the pants below the feet and activates the 8 resistance bands inside.

Breathable and form fitting

Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric allows the resistance bands to stretch out and comfortably move with your body. The resistance bands are safely inside fabric channels.

8 resistance bands inside

(8) 100% natural rubber resistance bands are stitched inside each pair of pants. The amount of resistance is determined by the thickness of the rubber resistance bands.

Level Up  

Find the right Resistance level.


"It feels like adding
extra gravity to
everything you do."

8 resistance bands travel from hip to ankle.

Once you have the pants on, the resistance feels like it goes away. Don’t be fooled, it hasn’t gone anywhere! Once you take them off, you will feel lighter on your feet. Maybe a bit exhausted.

Place pants below foot to stretch out resistance.

The half sock (yellow Lines) supports the arch of the foot arch while the resistance bands inside the pants (white lines) stretch with your body.

"Amazing workout!!
These pants push
your workouts to the
next level!!"

Packed with Real Resistance Bands

With 8 resistance bands stitched inside, AGOGIE is the simplest way to boost your training intensity.

Choose your Resistance Level

Resistance bands are proven to strengthen muscle, burn fat, and rehabilitate tendons & joints.