Managing Knee Pain with AGOGIE

As a fitness instructor and enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to get more out of my workouts. When I saw the AGOGIE resistance band pants on social media, I knew they had the potential to be a game changer. I’ve been using resistance bands since before they became the craze they are today so I was thrilled to have a new, innovative way to use them.


When I got the pants, I was so excited that I immediately put them on and did a workout. I definitely felt the difference! The pants made me work harder and I loved that.


Now, I wear them as often as I can when I exercise, pretty much only skipping a day so I can wash them. But I especially love the resistance band pants for leg day. They make every move – squatting, leg presses, leg extensions – more difficult. It’s like adding weights without using dumbbells. I feel like my legs are getting more toned when I wear them.


I even wear the pants when I’m not working out. To me, they’re very stylish! The rugged look created by the bands combined with the stirrups is a fun fashion statement! I’ve worn them to the mall with converse heels and I looked good! I have a trip to South Africa coming up and you better believe my AGOGIE pants will be in my suitcase. I plan to wear them while working out during my trip and even on excursions.


An added benefit for me is that when I’m wearing the pants, I don’t have to wear my knee brace. I have a torn meniscus and the bands in the pants provide nice compression on my knee, like they’re holding my meniscus in place. My knee brace is annoying, so I’d much rather wear the pants!


Bottom line: I love them. They make me look good and feel good on every level!


London Johnson,

AGOGIE Customer