U48 Sports Performance

"AGOGIE is the real deal! They are great for helping strengthen the hip flexors & improving sprint technique."

Mamba Sports Academy

"AGOGIE helped our athletes increase their muscle activation before speed testing.

Myron Flowers Performance

"AGOGIE makes it simple to add natural resistance to anything you do. It is a must have training tool.


Get faster, stronger, and more explosive.

Take your training to the next level with the AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants.

"With AGOGIE, I feel like I'm going through the workout twice."


Get stronger.

AGOGIE is alway working. The constant resistance finds all of your muscle deficiencies and forces them to get stronger.


Get faster.

AGOGIE makes you to run the right way. With resistance up, down, and through-the-ground, you have to choice.


Get better.

AGOGIE allows you to train with full resistance without any restrictions. Get stronger faster, and more explosive while working on your craft.


Introducing the AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants. Everything you love about resistance bands, built inside pants. Proven to help get athletes stronger, faster, and more explosive.

They have resistance bands built inside.  

With 8 resistance bands stitched inside, AGOGIE creates an exoskeleton of constant tension that challenges your every move.

They challenge every move you make.  

You are unique. So are the ways you move. AGOGIE supports your natural movement patterns without restricting range of motion. Be you, and get stronger doing it.

They make you better when they are off.

AGOGIE sticks with you. When it's time to perform, take them off and feel light, springy, and confident to let your skill take over. Train. Wash. Repeat.