Weight Loss Challenge Result Winner - Maria Domenick - 2022

Weight Loss Challenge Result Winner - Maria Domenick - 2022

Congratulations to our winners of the inaugural AGOGIE Weight Loss Challenge! During the 8-weeks from April 4, 2022 to May 31, 2022, participants utilized AGOGIE pants to aid in their fitness journey.

  • Maria Domenick lost 18.4 lbs and 17% of her total body weight. - Read Results Below
  • Jami Jinarajan lost 7.2 lbs and 4% of his body weight. - Read Results Here

Maria Domenick - AGOGIAN

8-Week Results:

  • 18.4 lbs lost
  • 7% of total weight
AGOGIE Weight loss winner 2022 - Maria Domenick before picture

AGOGIE Weight loss winner 2022 - Maria Domenick after picture

How did you hear about AGOGIE?

My friend and I were talking about how we could get more out of our walks without adding clunky weights to our ankles. She stumbled across your site and we both ordered a pair to test out.

What do you like the most about your AGOGIE pants?

What I like the most is their sleek look. I am able to wear them as “dress pants” to the office so I can get extra resistance while walking around at work. The 20+ are comfortable to wear for 8 hours and you can feel the pull of the bands when walking which helps keep me motivated to continue.

How does AGOGIE help you in your fitness journey?

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I recently got diagnosed with a medical condition that makes it extremely hard for me to lose weight and very easy to gain it. Eating a well-balanced diet, counting calories along with working out a few days a week didn’t help at all.

I gained 50 pounds in a year. Not understanding why, it was very defeating. I just kept thinking, why is it like this, why is this so hard. I’m just a normal working wife and mom trying to provide for my family. I didn’t have the time or the money for a membership to a gym to workout 5-7 days a week like all the “gym buffs” tell you to if you want to lose weight and feel pretty.

I was very uncomfortable in my own skin, introverted, and didn’t know how or who to ask to get started. I also didn’t have the option of just picking up and leaving at any time to go, I have responsibilities to my son, family and a limited amount of time in a day. After working with my doctor we found a food program that worked for me and we added in your pants to help give me the extra boost I needed.

I have lost 32 pounds after starting all of this at the beginning of March 2022. I appreciate the help your product has given me in taking my life back and learning to be comfortable in my own skin.