Hurdling with AGOGIE Resistance Training Pants

Petr Svoboda Czech National Record HolderPetr Svoboda

Czech Nation Record Holder in in 60m Hurdles & 110m Hurdles.

  • 60m Hurdles PB of 7.44s
  • 110m Hurdles PB of 13.27s 

When I use the resistance pants, I can feel the tension on my swing leg and also on extension leg.

This resistance feeling is very important for my technique in these training phases, because when I run in maximum speed, it is very difficult to strengthen these parts of my body. Thats why AGOGIE is perfect as a training supplement.

The pants are a great training tool in slow motion drills because at the slow pass over the hurdle, the postural muscles are strengthened and these results are better for stability and power of overrun and crossing the hurdle.

The resistance that the pants create is very subdued especially when I am running out of the blocks. It makes the sprinter more likely to keep bending forward and it forces him to run frequently. For me - as a hurdler who needs 8 steps from the start to first hurdle- this is very good preparation.

Petr Svoboda sprinting in AGOGIE resistance band pants