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More than I expected...

I have only been able to wear these for one afternoon around the house. Just to try them out. I can honestly say when those DOMS set in....I was SHOCKED! I did not do anything but usual daily activities. I was not expecting that! Thinking I may need to order ore pairs!


Really feel the extra resistance in my workouts

Gen 3 leggings

I like the material, good quality. Still not sure if fit is right. Contacted Agogie, they responded both by emails and a phone call. They suggested a petite for me but they are out of stock. When they come in stock I may try a petite for length. I did notice a difference when I’m on the treadmill, more resistance which makes my leg muscles work harder. Only time will tell what the benefits are.

I love the pants!

I just got my second pair, I got the higher resistance this time and I can feel it!

New Leggings are REALLY KICKIN

Love the new Leggings. I did Not realize how much more of a workout I get
with these New Leggings. This is my 6th Pair & I love them.
I have started walking 6. to 8 miles 3 x a week instead of 5 to 6miles. Considering I will be 74yrs old this year I FEEL GREAT

Recommend these pants!

Definitely feel the resistance as I walk and workout. The pockets are handy.

I love this Gen 3, I love the fit,feel and comfort.

Love my resistance pants!


Firstly customer service is outstanding. Ordered the wrong size,no arguement,argument, but prompt pleasant service what a change in these times.Now as to the leggings, I am a bartender anywhere from four to ten hours shifts.Wore my leggings for a four hour stint.Comfortable,work as normal,got home and took them off and oh my,I felt like I had run a half marathon.Highly satisfied.

40 weight

Great product

Great fit and feel

I love the way my new Gen 3 fit and are extremely comfortable to wear all day. I have osteoarthritis in my back and hip area and have a muscle disorder on my right side . Wearing these resistance pants helps my legs feel better at the end of the day. I continue to wear my Gen 2 but I do love the new fit and feel and Gen 3 and will probably order more in the future.

I love them !

I have osteopenia and I had read that they would help,so I bought two pairs of the + 20 because you were out of the + 40. I chatted with someone about when you were going to be getting the + 40 in and he told me about the Gen 3, and I ordered a pair! He was great! I wear the + 20 every day and I can feel it in my legs and bum. Now I want the resist sleeves

Absolutely Love

These are the best workout pant, I've ever owned.

Love the extra resistance

These are great pants for add a bit more intensity to your activities. I have both resistance levels and like both. I wear the +20 for a lot of activities and the +40 when walking my elderly dog. Unfortunately, these are a bit warm for the middle of the summer but great the rest of the year. I am 5’ 2” about 110lbs and ordered the XS. The +40 fit well. The +20 seem slightly long. I wish they had side pockets! I wish the waist wasn’t quite so tight or something other than elastic was used. These are probably rough on digestion if worn too long.

Good pants

These need pockets, otherwise they are great pants. You can really feel the resistance, and gives your heart rate boost.

Excellent but need to swap out one pair for a smaller size

Love these pants bought 2 one xs and a small , the small was to big, still in box need to exchange sizes ,I highly recommend these !!

Never got a reply about the exchange hoping they take care of me iv bought 3 pairs already and will buy the arm bands when i get my exchange!!

The kick in the butt I needed to get back into my fitness routine!!

I have been a group fitness instructor for 25 years, then came COVID. I stopped teaching and now it was up to me to keep me honest about at home fitness routine. I was finding reasons to sit on the sofa and not working out. I ran across an ad for Agogie, and thought what the hell, lets see if there is anything to these pants. My first workout went great, the extra resistance gave me the challenge I needed to get me back to my workout. I am going to move up to the higher resistance pants when they are back in stock. I am taking care of me again, and that is the best gift I can give to the people I love. With kindness and gratitude beyond words thank you for your product.

pants great, price great, service not great

Brilliant training aid for a walker. Top quality, End of season sale, also affordable. But I order men's XL 'n L. Roomie got his XL. I got... women's extra petite. Disappointing customer service department. Week delay in answer, too. (Correction on latter- it ended up in my Spam Folder. That's on me.)

Fun trying these resistance pants!

Every little bit helps when it comes to resistance! These pants fit perfectly and I’m excited to give them a go! Thank you!

Great Resistance with Every Step

I was a bit skeptical of these pants in the past, but I was finally convinced to give them a try. I walk a minimum of 10k steps per day and I was looking for something to elevate that level without requiring additional steps, these pants do just that. I wore them three times before doing an actual 10k step walk. After the first time walking 10k steps, my legs were sore from my glutes all the way down to my calves. So I have had to ease into them, but now, I wear them for all workouts and I can tell a noticeable difference in the strength and toning of my legs. Great workout and investment.

Extremely Benificial

I ordered an Agogie resistance band elbow sleeve to try and improve my throwing ability as a QB and the first practice I had with it went awesome. It feels like it's the perfect catalyst to activate all the little stabilizer muscles involved in my throwing mechanics and I love it so far. Combined with the pants, they're really bringing my game all together to the next level.

Gives good resistance!

I bought the Gen 2 pants to try them out as they were on sale and was pleasantly pleased! The resistance is better than I thought and I like them better than another brand I tried as Agogie doesn’t ride up while working out.

My only complaint is that they aren’t the most comfortable as it’s slightly itchy on the seams of the bands. Other than that, I like that these have the resistance all around versus other brand that is just in the front.

Love them

I have worn these pants for about a week. I really like how I can feel the resistance bands, especially when I do high knees, stairs, or running. I wish the waist band was high-wasted. Also the part that goes around the ankle can make my sock slip more than I like. Other than that I really like them.

Great Product!

These resistance pants are the TRUTH! A workout within a workout. I'm getting a second pair to wear while I'm at work.

Great product and value

Don’t go with the knockoffs AGOGIE is the real Original