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40 weight

Great product

Great fit and feel

I love the way my new Gen 3 fit and are extremely comfortable to wear all day. I have osteoarthritis in my back and hip area and have a muscle disorder on my right side . Wearing these resistance pants helps my legs feel better at the end of the day. I continue to wear my Gen 2 but I do love the new fit and feel and Gen 3 and will probably order more in the future.

I love them !

I have osteopenia and I had read that they would help,so I bought two pairs of the + 20 because you were out of the + 40. I chatted with someone about when you were going to be getting the + 40 in and he told me about the Gen 3, and I ordered a pair! He was great! I wear the + 20 every day and I can feel it in my legs and bum. Now I want the resist sleeves

Absolutely Love

These are the best workout pant, I've ever owned.

Great Product!

These resistance pants are the TRUTH! A workout within a workout. I'm getting a second pair to wear while I'm at work.

Great product and value

Don’t go with the knockoffs AGOGIE is the real Original

These are a great fit and really feel them ..

I did the proper size in +40 & the looser sometimes size in +20, they both are a comfortable fit, these are just a perfect fit and a great nothing extra to it work out that will definitely make a difference for me.

They fit to order. Just order your regular size according to your height.


Keeps returns process simple

Loving these Pants!

I love hiking, and I have found the best way to train for the trails when I am at home, is with more resistance! One recommendation: If you are a female over 5''5", even if you are size "Very Small", I would bump up to the "Small". I found I needed more length since the pant wraps around the bottom of the foot. Enjoy!!!

AGOGIE Women's +20 Resistance Pants

Love, love, love

I can’t express how much I love these pants. I have 5 pair and will be back for more. I have no regrets!!!!!

Excellent training attire

Words can't describe how I feel about these Resistant pants. It's better than I had anticipated. You get a wonderful workout in them, I feel quicker and stronger since I have been working out in them.

AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeve

I am a detailed housekeeper in a hospital

I bought the 20 pound and the 40 pound pants. I have 2X extra large and large. They all fit me very good. I wear them 8 hours A-day underneath. My work clothe 1st pair's I bought were a $129. The other pairs I paid sixty five each and I think it's worth the moneyespecially if you don't have time to exercise

Great addition to my workout

I had been eyeing these for a while and decided to purchase. So happy I did, the extra resistance to my work outs is what I needed. I'm 5"7, 150lb & ordered a medium and they fit perfectly with a little extra room to grow my bum and thighs. Really glad I made this purchase!

The Best

My sweatshirt is the best, my friends really like it, I order a small size which was too little, I had to reorder a medium. But it’s worth the money

Love these pants!

I’m so happy I gave these pants a try. They really do make a difference in my workouts and my walks! Would like to see more weight offered besides the 40#.

AGOGIE Women's +40 Resistance Pants
Theresa Chenoweth-Slyh
I love them ,5 stars

Thank you very much for exchanging them they fit much better and they do what they are suppose to do

Great for tall inseam lengths, but it is 2023 - please give us pockets.

These pants are pretty great. I originally ordered an XL but needed to exchange for an L. My waist is 31", hips are 42.5", and my inseam is 35.5" (yes, really). I was torn between what size to buy to accommodate my long legs, but settled on the XL because of my hip measurement. This was the wrong decision. The pants were plenty long for my inseam and overall felt too big and I couldn't really feel the resistance. So I exchanged for the L and it is a MUCH better fit. They are even still long enough. They were perfect the first couple of times I wore them, and yesterday they kept slipping off my heels because I was wearing loose slip-on shoes. I would buy more of them, but the fact that they don't have any pockets is enough to deter me. I need a place to keep my phone. It's the only thing I need in life. If they add pockets, I will buy more pairs!

Hi Erin, thanks for your review. Good new! We have Generation 3 coming out with pockets and improved design!

AGOGIE Women's +40 Resistance Pants

Thank you

Cool, but different

These pants are super cool (awesome). I have only had them for a week, therefore I am still getting used to them. I hope my body can tell the difference and they help me stay active. Thanks Guys!

Nice for activities of daily living

After exchanging sizes noticeable differences when wearing during routine activities. While I don’t notice any activity burn by the end of the day my legs are slightly fatigued

Great Pants...Exceptional Service

It took a while to get my pants because I did not order the right size. Customer service was prompt and courteous and did not abandon me. Because of the high demand it did take me some time (next time I know the right size). Definitely wait on their email response for sizing. They were right the first time. I was not and ordered the wrong size. I have them now and I do love them and I will order more when my size is stocked up. First, they look great on me. People stop me and ask what kind they are. Second, I love the resistance bands and I will move up to the 40 next time. It is hard to find good customer service anywhere these days and I highly recommend the pants and the company itself. Emails were prompt and responsive.