Wearing AGOGIE on 12-Week Fitness Journey

The odds were stacked against Cynthia Sepulveda when she first began her 12-week fitness and nutrition journey with me.

She was diagnosed with Lupus and recently recovered from a bout of covid. She was a midlife single mom and struggling business owner, suffering from anxiety and depression. She weighed 220 pounds at just 5 feet six inches tall and was dealing with joint pain.

But Cynthia also had faith and knew that changing her lifestyle was more than just a number on the scale. It was a fresh start at life. She just needed a plan, motivation and accountability, along with the proper tools to help her get there. Using the combination of Fitness Forward, my 1/2 hour low-impact strength and cardio program, and Agogie resistance band pants, Cynthia went to work.

It wasn’t easy. The first major change was nutrition. Replacing fried and processed foods with healthier options filled with flavor. Learning to meal prep to set herself up for success whether she was at home or on the road for her business. Drinking more water. Becoming more aware of portion sizes, what she was eating and when, by keeping a food journal. And realizing that she didn’t need to turn to food as a coping mechanism.

Her fitness journey began with daily walks in Agogie resistance band pants. The eight bands of resistance built inside worked her muscles with every step, to burn more calories. Daily walks turned into jogs and running up stairs. The next step was adding in Fitness Forward. Low-impact strength training with free weights combined with cardio sweat sessions were the perfect mix. She also alternated days wearing Agogie resistance band pants during the workouts. By using her Apple Watch she was able to see for herself how many more calories she burned during the workouts wearing the resistance band pants.  

"I prefer to workout with my Agogie pants. They feel great and I burn more calories."

- Cynthia Sepulveda

Our weekly video conference check-in sessions helped with accountability and mindset. Every week I noticed a difference in her energy and mindset. She began inspiring other members in her family to take charge of their own health. She became stronger physically and mentally. Working out became an enjoyable experience rather than a task to just complete.

By the end of the 12-weeks Cynthia was 20 pounds lighter, lost 3 1/2 inches in her waist, 3 1/2 inches in her hips, 4 1/2 inches in each thigh and 3 inches in each arm. But more importantly, she had more energy, improved her sleep and gained the confidence to push her business forward and live in her purpose.

It’s never too late to begin. There’s always time. You just need the right support system and proper tools to get you there.


- Lisa Mateo