Men's +20 Resistance Pants
Men's +20 Resistance Pants
Men's +20 Resistance Pants
Men's +20 Resistance Pants
Men's +20 Resistance Pants

Men's +20 Resistance Pants

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Resistance with every step

Wear AGOGIE pants for an instant intensity boost. Add to your workout and feel inspired to move more. Take them off and feel springy and strong.

Customer Reviews

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These are great pants for whatever workouts. It's like doing Plyo workouts without the stress on the knees


Great workout pants

Paul Vargas
Love these

Wearing these has helped me a lot I hope the next gen are built with a front fly opening for the hydration situations all day !!!! 👀


Only concern is that they sell Used and New. No labeling on 5 out of 6 pants I bought for my family . Peeps that a lot if money not to know whether my crotch is no lying next to someone else's sweaty crotch. I called the company and was pretty much told in so many trust that they were new. The individual bags are ziplock type bags. All the black pants I ordered had No tags. Only the royal blue I've washed them 3 times to make sure they were hygienic. The PANTS wear fine, but the packaging is a problem

Jason Man
Just what I needed

Having had multiple surgeries on my right leg from old sports injuries, someone once told me in passing, "never stop rehabbing." These resistance pants help me achieve that with great ease. Thank you Agogie!

Resistance Training Pants

You've never experienced anything like these.


Your AGOGIE pants have eight resistance bands built-in, adding constant tension to every movement. Just wearing AGOGIE offers a convenient and comfortable way to activate more muscles, increase workout intensity, and burn more calories and fat.

After 30 minutes of wear, standing or walking, you might notice your leg muscles activating and getting warmer. The pants should fit snug but comfortable. To test if the pants fit correctly, reach behind your knee and the bands should feel taut.

AGOGIE Resistance Apparel products are made for all-day comfort and designed to improve your health, fitness, and athletic performance. The resistance levels of our products represent the strength of the rubber resistance-bands stitched inside.

● The +20s are great for all day wear, long distance runs and walks, endurance exercises, cardio workouts and just to get the muscles more active.

● The +40s can be worn all day as well. They will activate the muscles much faster than the +20s. They are great for specific workouts, speed training, strength training and any type of shorter running or walking routines.

  • Move Freely: Get the benefits of resistance training without any restrictions to your movement.
  • Intensify Your Workout: Add intensity to any movement without even trying.
  • Improve Speed: Sprint with AGOGIE to feel the true power of wearable resistance. Improve form and power.
  • Wear All-Day: Transform normal, every day movements into a resistance workout.
  • Boost Any Exercise: Add a little extra to your fitness routine without being overwhelmed.
  • Enhance Running: Run with better form while increasing your endurance levels.

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