Petite Women's +40 Resistance Black Pants

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Make every movement count.

These one-of-a-kind pants have eight resistance bands built-in, adding constant tension to every movement. Just wearing AGOGIE offers a convenient and comfortable way to:

  • Burn more calories and fat.
  • Add tension to every movement.
  • Activate more muscles.
  • Improve strength, balance, and mobility.

What is the difference between the +20 and +40 resistance levels?

Simply put, the +40 pants have thicker resistance bands built inside. The thicker the band, the greater the resistance.

The +40s will activate and engage your muscles faster and with more intensity than the +20 pants. They are great for:

  • Fast walking or running
  • Gym workouts
  • CrossFit
  • HIIT routines
  • Speed training
  • Strength training

 The +20s are great for:

  • All-day wear
  • Walking or long-distance running
  • Working around the house or yard
  • Endurance exercises
  • Cardio workouts
  • Anytime you simply want to activate your muscles more

Fit Matters

AGOGIE pants are unlike any other pants you’ve owned, and how they fit is key to reaping all their benefits. The unique design creates a unique fit, so you may wear a different size than you do in other athletic brands.

Before selecting your size, please check out our size chart. Or use the chat feature in the bottom right to talk to a customer representative to help you find the size that’s right for you.

Join the resistance.

Maximize your day.

Transform your everyday activities into a workout.

Maximize your workout.

Dial up the intensity of any fitness routine.

Maximize your performance.

Increase your speed, agility, and athletic performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Lillian B.
Love these pants

I absolutely love these pants, the resistance is real!

Arlene Ladd
Love the Agogie pants

I’m looking forward to ordering more Agogie products they really work

Steph W
Way better fit!

I have an old pair of Agogie pants from the early days (when there were no petites and the sock bottom was a stirrup) and they were never quite the right fit. The length and resistance on the new petites is a way better fit!

Brenda Reese
Totally Unique

These are the greatest pants ever. I have 3 pairs and will continue to my inventory.
AWESOME for all.

Tiffany Thavisay
Got me Sweating. Love these pants

Got me sweating more when I wear the resistance pants. I sure do feel the different when I take it off, how lighter I feel. Just wish it had pockets. Other than that great pants. Will be buying a couple more soon. Thanks

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