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Based on 100 reviews
Great experience

I love these pants and you can really feel the difference both during a workout and after. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve.

Excellent pants

These are great. I wore them at work and walked around most of the day. That evening I really felt it. The stirrups slipped off a couple of times but it wasn't a big problem.

Return for Exchange.

Great quality product but exchanging for different size. Excellent customer service!!

Resistance pants

I have only worn these for 5 days but I can tell there is added difficulty. I am excited to see what 30 days brings!

These pants are lighter than I thought. I forgot I had them on! I followed the chart on my height and weight. It wasn't the right size. Customer sevrice helped me out by shipping me a size that fits my body type. I'm plus size. I'm glad that they was able to find a size that fits me!

I love them! I was apprehensive about the quality of these but once I had them in hand and put them on, I'm hooked!!


I ordered the 20s in a PXS based on the size chart and they fit perfectly. Like yoga pants with
compression. Sooo as a runner (about 32 miles during the week) I do long walks on the weekends (about another 26-30 miles) I wore these for the first time on a 12 mile walk and thought I made a mistake and should have ordered the 40 for more resistance. Lol wrong, you feel it when you take the pants off!!! I was extremely surprised how tired my legs felt as compared to normal workout pants. I will eventually get the 40s when the 20s feel easy which may not be for a while. Highly recommend these pants!!

Nice resistance

Pretty good resistance with some nice heavy workouts

These are It!!! UNBIASED

I'm not going to ramble but these pants are the new form of resistance training.
As a professional track and field athlete I am always looking and planning on what can get me to a new level of development in my training. What can push me to beyond my limits and these pants are it. With resistance in every step these by far make every workout more intense than without. I have been using mine ever since.

Women's +40 Resistance Pants


The pants are unique and when training in them it really exposes where I am the weakest in my legs. Could be better staying on by feet/ankle area while running and jumping

Fantastic customer service, work exactly as hoped

I originally ordered a size M Women’s +20 Resistance Pants, since that’s what it looked like should fit based on the size chart. Unfortunately I was unable to get them over my hips, but when I contacted customer service, they sent out size L, which fit perfectly. I’ve only worn them a couple of times, but even wearing them around the house or doing a light workout on the treadmill, I can tell that I’m working harder than I would be otherwise. I can even feel it the next day! I would recommend that curvy women consider sizing up to be able to get them on, but otherwise I highly recommend.


I am a softball coach and the day I received my pants I wore them to practice. When I got home and took them off I could definitely feel the difference in my legs.
The pants are great and function as advertised. I will definitely be ordering more and highly recommend!!


These add a nice amount of resistance, and they fit great!

These are excellent workout pants……simply unlike no other on the market; you really feel a workout wearing these pants, even if just walking . When used in conjunction with exercise, the benefits and results are doubled, or even tripled, in my experience. So pleased with these pants, ordered pants for my daughter and son, as, well as a second on for myself ( total 4 pair) .

Easy 5 / 5 stars !

Brought for my Boyfriend

He hates working out his lower half in the gym. He will spend the entire time working on his chest and arms. I suggested he wear these during his workout and he can feel the difference. He feels like he has done a complete lower body workout with out even trying!

Can't live without!

Such a great idea to work out my lower half by just doing me everyday activities. Love these!

My Review

Interesting feeling after trying on the pants, can feel the burn, great way to get a workout with actually having to do the work.

Great buy

My son loves these pants he wears them during workout and he loves the added resistance

I like it!!

The heel cup is a bit uncomfortable but it is such a good pants.

Pretty good

They're what I expected, only one issue, which is that when I'm pulling up it feels like the part by my ankle is gonna tear from too much tension. But that's a small issue.

Good workout

Just received the pants. Will review again after a few more workouts . They are a great addition to my workout.

Generation 2 - Men's +40 Resistance Pants

Love these pants

Comfortable feel the resistance


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