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AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Veronica Tucker

Loved it felt like I could relax waiting for my package

Great Pants

Awesome pants they do exactly as advertised, will be purchasing the next level of resistance soon 😊

Agogie Pants

The pants are great!

Not gonna kill ya but help ya

The first day I don’t think I had pulled them enough to stretch but the second day I did. The resistance is just enough to feel it but not enough to “work out” but definitely adds a nice feel to your workouts.

I did receive them and I've worked out in them at this time I can't really pinpoint what I'm getting from them I feel that their more supportive than regular workout pants and maybe I sweat more but I'm pleased

Women’s +20 Resistance pants

I absolutely love these pants. Not only do you get a great workout but they are comfortable to wear all day. I love the look and the feel of these pants. I just ordered the Women’s +40…can’t wait to try them out.

Love these pants! I'm so happy that I bought them, I will be ordering the 40 weight pants for more resistance.

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty
Marian Schambow
Great pants

I ordered a large petite, I was having trouble keeping the sock part from sliding out of my shoe and when the heel stitching moved it hurt my heels. Now I put those foam shoe supports on my heels and pull the pant sock over that and put on a pair of socks to keep them in place. I love the resistance when I'm walking.

toning the legs and core area.

I love them for my every day 4mile walks

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
Comfort and Fashion


Women's Petite +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
Vanessa Kutz
Love, love, love!!!!!

I love my Agogie resistance pants! I got the 20+ so I could wear them all day to burn more calories. I also use them in my classes at the gym. I can definitely tell that I am burning more calories but I am still able to do all the moves. I can’t wait to order a pair of the 40+.

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
LaTanya Brown

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves

Great to know you're protected

I am overjoyed with my purchase and equally as happy about the shipping protection. When you make a purchase, large or small, it's nice to not have to worry about if it gets lost or stolen.

Women's +20 Resistance Pants - Color Waves
Karen Nolte

This is my third pair of agogie pants..loving the colors. My other 2 are black. Where them to walk all the time!

Love these pants!

I love these pants! I purchased the 40 and wear them while doing housework and on my walks! It’s so good to be able to get added benefits from my everyday activities. I highly recommend these pants! 💖

Love these. The fit is spot on. The tension feels appropriate, without feeling like they are restrictive. The only thing-I wish they had a pocket to hold my ID

AGOGIE Shipping Warranty

Agogie pants

I like the pants. The fit is good but I got the resistance 20 bands and could have used the 40, I didn't realize the 20 wouldn't be as resistance as I thought. Overall this is a good product. I wear the pants 2-3 times a week.


Refreshing Experience

I put these on as soon as they arrived. I was curious to see if they were all that they were advertised to be. I am not disappointed but a tad upset. I have long legs and need about 2-3 inches more in the foot area for a more comfortable fit. I ordered a second pair and went up on the size to hopefully get more length and got the women's 40 in the XL but the length is still a problem. I am getting used to them despite this because I feel that they are useful in strengthening my legs and knees. I think that my next option is to order the men's because I actually love that all I have to do is my normal activity and feel a dramatic difference. Once I get the length problem resolved I will be able to give 5 stars with confidence!

New To Agogoie

I just purchased the 20 resistant pants and I feel I shouldve gotten the 40 resistance. I can say they fit well but honestly, I have to give it a good week to see if my legs were/are put to the test due to I work out already and these may have been too light for me. All in all you can feel something going on. Id like to try the 40 resistance though. To be continued.


Keeping me in shape , active and moving around at my age .

I Love these pants

I Love these pants. I wear them all day under my clothes and I get a work out without trying. Thank you for making them.

Spinal stenosis

The resistance pants helps with the pain due to spinal stenosis. This is my third pair. 1) in Xg) and 1in X lG petite. Thanks! Jerry!

Best pants ever

These pants give my leg Energy. I can work out longer without getting tired. I just want to wear them all day long.