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Great for ab work!

Let me start by saying, I bought the wrong length. I am "between" regular and petite, and should have gone petite because I'm losing some of the resistance in the bands. BUT, when it comes to leg lifts, high knees, mountain climbers, oh yeah, I can tell how well they work. Going to order the right length, and the ones I have now are being gifted to a friend. They definitely have their place in my workouts.

Great resistance exercise pants!!

Felt that extra burn doing regular movements...levels above using the normal resistance bands...Great buy!!!

Worth the money

These things work your entire lower body like nothing else I have tried. Been using them a short time and can already see results on my vertical

Love them

I wear them on my days off all day. I workout in the morning and then keep wearing for household things. I purchased the 20 so this is doable, while getting the best benefit.

Excellent boost to my work-out

Excellent boost to my work-out

Love them! Great addition to any workout!

These pants really give you that extra stretch while working out and helps strengthen muscles. I recommend these for anyone! They are truly amazing!

Men's +20 Resistance Black Pants
deborah wilson-gordon
Pants that makes a difference!!

I been wearing the resistance pants for over one month I lost about 8 inches in my waist. These pants are excellent if you have goals.

Men's +20 Resistance Black Pants

Finally, I found my size

Thanks AGOGIE, third time was a charm! The online associate emailed me back and forth until we figured out my size. I finally had a chance to walk in them and let me say, the 3-mile trek was a lot harder this time around. Thank you so much for working with me until we got it right. I am 5'6, 215, so he recommended an XL Petite.


I saw good reviews, but wasn't totally convinced. SO GLAD I decided to try thrn anyway. AMAZING!!! Totally feel a difference in my workouts. Hurry and make tops please!!!!!

Agogie resistance pants

Love it!!! I workout 5 days a week...on the days i don't workout i wear my resistance pants.

Very satisfied

I am in love with these agogie leggings. They not only give a better walk workout, they even may me look a little thinner. Great job and a great idea.

Nice Resistance

I only wore these around the house for a few hours, and that was enough to convince me that this was a good purchase! I didn't do any exercise moves, just had them on, and felt the burn a bit, while putting the trash out and changing the kitty litter boxes. I hope soon to be able to go back to the gym with these and really give them a good test. Thank You for the awesome product! Keep up the good work!

Men's +20 Resistance Black Pants

Most intense workout ever

Love them!!

I gave a 5 star because this product definitely exceeded my expectations. Very durable! Sizing is perfect!! I plan to purchase more.


Nice but the sock part keeps slipping up to my ankle


Great resistance for my aerobic workout. Great for toning and strengthening legs. Right resistance and very comfortable.

I really like them I feel like they upgrade my workout
Not sure if I got the right size I ordered large because I am 5ft 10in weight 155
I think they are too big

Love Them!!

Feels like a full workout 🏋️‍♀️

Wow -- Didn’t expect that!

I love these pants. They look good, feel good and are comfortable while absolutely providing the promised resistance. Rarely do I feel that a product 100% lives up to its marketing; AGOGIE lives up the the billing 100%. Thank you; I’m ordering another pair now!

One of the best investments

I run in the morning with these things one, and they are amazing, working out boxing cardio they really kicked my ass

Agogie is Life!!!!

I purchased the 20 pounds weighted pants and I am totally in love with Agogie!!!! These pants work you out but they also help you work out. Take it from someone who has multiple spinal injuries, this is one of the best investments I’ve made in my fitness wardrobe. I wish I could buy five more pair right now LOL, but serious 🧐☺️ Brand ambassador needed it? 🤷🏽‍♀️😇

20+ black resistance pants

AWESOME! I am now styling my work outfits around my pants. Works so well, I can definitely tell I had a leg day once I take them off!

Perfect fit…great concept!

I ordered these pants in a regular small after chatting with customer service (I am 5’3 and 127 lbs and considered petite in clothing ) and they fit perfectly. Just walking around in them you can feel the resistance and I look forward to wearing them out and about in cooler weather and using them indoors as well. Thanks for making a quality and quite unique product!