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Upgrade your fitness game with the AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeve, tailored to enhance performance and movement, taking your workouts beyond the limits of ordinary gear.

2-Pack Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves
2-Pack Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves
2-Pack Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves
2-Pack Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves

2-Pack Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves

AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves (Set of 2)

Expertly designed to amplify the activation of your bicep, tricep, and forearm muscles. In addition, they offer gentle compression, bolstering elbow support. Regular usage can lead to enhanced elbow strength and health.

Features include:

  • Natural Elbow Movement: Seamless integration with your natural motion.
  • Support Compression: Delivers just the right amount of pressure to support your elbows.
  • Enhanced Design: Our anti-chafing, proprietary seamless knit offers advanced support without compromising on freedom of movement.
  • Contoured Fit: Tailored design ensures a snug and perfect fit.
  • 4-Way Stretch: Provides the ultimate flexibility for your workouts.
  • Moisture-Wicking: Keeps you dry during those intense workout sessions.

Note: Individual results may differ. Resistance bands and compression garments have been credited with improving circulation, offering temporary relief from muscle and joint discomfort, and shortening recovery durations. For optimal results, ensure that compression garments are properly sized and worn consistently.

Size chart

Measure completely around your bicep about 5 inches from your elbow joint.

XS / S 10.75" - 12.25" 27.3 31.1
S / M 11.5" - 13" 29 - 33
M / L 12" - 13.5" 30.5 - 34.25
L / XL 13.75" - 15.25" 35 - 38.75
XL / 2XL 14.25" - 15.75" 36 - 40
2XL / 3XL 14.75" - 16.25" 37.4 - 41.2
Regular price$75.00

AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeve (Size)


No need for bulky equipment or complicated routines.

The AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeve is easy to slip on and instantly enhances your workout. Our compression technology provides support, while the built-in resistance bands challenge your muscles for a more efficient workout.

Features & Benefits:

  • Targeted Activation - Built-in resistance bands engage biceps, triceps, and forearms for optimal muscle development and growth.
  • Enhanced Performance - Improve strength, endurance, and overall athletic performance with consistent use.
  • Compression Technology - Provides support and boosts circulation, reducing muscle fatigue and recovery time.
  • Comfort & Durability - Made with high-quality, breathable materials for a comfortable fit that lasts.
  • Versatile & Portable - Use the AGOGIE resistance band elbow sleeve during gym sessions, sports practice, or even at home. Its compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go training.

Ideas of Use

  • Strength and Sports Training: Boost your performance in weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and sports activities by wearing AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves to activate and support key arm muscles and promote proper joint mechanics.
  • Everyday Activities and Adventures: Improve joint health and reduce strain during daily tasks, outdoor activities, and cardio workouts with the versatile AGOGIE Resistance Band Elbow Sleeves, offering support, muscle activation, and enhanced performance.
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery: Enhance muscle activation, joint stability, and recovery during physical therapy, warm-ups, and cool-downs by incorporating the additional support and resistance provided by AGOGIE elbow sleeves.


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