Petite Women's +20 Resistance Black Pants

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AGOGIE +20 Wearable Resistance Pants are great to increase your workouts to achieve ultimate muscle performance. Our resistance wearable equipment has built-in resistance bands which adds a layer of in-line resistance over the natural muscle and ligament lines, creating an exoskeleton of resistance. 


Long to Medium duration exercises.


Weight training regiments, aerobic classes, spinning, long distance running, track work over 100m or yards, CrossFit, sport practice and training, yoga, pool work.

Think about it as adding gravity to every motion rather than adding weight. This helps build secondary support muscles while activating the core, lower back and hip-flexors, which create more power and speed.

Customer Reviews

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Adriana De La Garza
I love them

I realy feel the resistance. The only thing is that I want wear them every day and I just bought one. I need to buy more.

Catherine Small

I work slot and so that requires a lot of walking and they been great !

Kellie Tyner
Love them

I wear them on my days off all day. I workout in the morning and then keep wearing for household things. I purchased the 20 so this is doable, while getting the best benefit.

Carla Fears
Finally, I found my size

Thanks AGOGIE, third time was a charm! The online associate emailed me back and forth until we figured out my size. I finally had a chance to walk in them and let me say, the 3-mile trek was a lot harder this time around. Thank you so much for working with me until we got it right. I am 5'6, 215, so he recommended an XL Petite.

Cynthia Meneses
Agogie resistance pants

Love it!!! I workout 5 days a week...on the days i don't workout i wear my resistance pants.

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